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This course is taught by several faculty within the Joint Program in Nuclear Medicine at RIRS and its teaching affiliates.
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Research Laboratory for Metastasis Imaging
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The Laboratory for metastasis imaging research focuses on hyperpolarized 13C magnetic resonance spectroscopic (MRS)imaging to diagnose and monitorthe early therapeutic efficacy.

Principle of Hyperpolarization
This physical phenomenon based on nuclear Overhausereffect (NOE) which was first proposed by Albert Overhauser in 1953. Hyperpolarization by Dynamic Nuclear polarization is based on the transfer of polarization from the electron spins of paramagnetic centers embedded in a glassy frozen solution to neighboring nuclear spins of 13C carbonthrough dipolar interaction, which make it possible to increase MR signal over 10,000 fold.

13C Metabolic Imaging
Metabolic imaging using hyperpolarized 13C MRS imaging quantitatively visualize cellular metabolism in the level of molecular and chemical process in living organisms without perturbing them. There are around 70 possible 13C enriched endogenous compounds available which are involved in cellular metabolism. For example, [1-13C] pyruvate ismostly investigated substrate to date which reflectsits central role in cellular metabolism. [1-13C] pyruvate exchangeslabel with endogenous substance lactate by lactate dehydrogenasewhich is highly expressed by cancer cells. Becausecancer cells have high rates of glucose consumption and lactate production,this characteristicfeatured can be used to diagnose cancer.
1. Development of hyperpolarized 13C magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging techniques to evaluate earlier
    therapeutic efficacy inmetastasis model.
2. Development of spatially encoded metabolic information using hyperpolarized 13C MRS imaging in hepatocellular
    carcinoma model.
3. Development high resolution metabolic brain mapping in Alzheimer's disease mouse model.
Name Position Email address Phone number
Ho-Taek Song Associate Professor hotsong@yuhs.ac 2228-2370
Young-Suk Choi Research Assistant professor Young-suk42@yuhs.ac 2228-0848
Hyun-Jin Park PhD student ever49@yuhs.ac 2228-0848
Eun-Kyung Wang Researcher ekwang@yuhs.ac 2228-0848
Min-Jin Kim Researcher minjin0710@yuhs.ac 2228-0848
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